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Providing Expert Engineering Services to the Wireless and Broadcast Industry Since 1967

Kessler and Gehman Associates (KGA) is a professional telecommunications consulting engineering firm specializing in all phases of communications domestically and internationally. KGA is certified by the Board of Professional Engineers and has offices located in Gainesville, Florida. KGA is licensed to practice professional engineering and has been involved in virtually every phase of broadcast and wireless communications from initial designs to final inspections. KGA also specializes in Executive Administration where our staff has assumed roles as Executive Administrator for multimillion dollar statewide communications projects.

Services We Regularly Provide..

  • Coverage maps

    • FCC predicted signal contour levels FM, TV, DTV, LPTV, LPFM, and other communication stations.
    • Longly-Rice coverage area maps for more sophisticated routines for best “real world” predictions.Our Maps can be provided with various land cover basemaps along with population scatter-gram overlays.
  • Interference maps

    • Standard FCC contour overlap or D/U interference area predictions and representations
    • FM radio Longley-Rice or TIREM defined coverage areas with interference areas subtracted; including population analysis.
    • DTV incoming or outgoing interference analysis using FCC prescribed OET 69 methodology
  • Frequency searches

    • FM spacing channel studies
    • FM contour to contour non-commercial educational, translator and Section 73.215 short-space studies.
    • DTV, DTS, NTSC, LPTV, TV translator and Class A channel studies
    • STL Frequency Coordination
  • FCC Engineering and Applications

    • DTV Post Incentive Auction Modifications and new station applications
    • FM upgrade projects and new station applications
    • FM and TV Channel allocation petitions
    • Station site moves studies and FCC applications
    • First/second service analysis (307B) and mapping
    • License applications
    • FM and TV booster stations
    • STL path analysis, frequency searches and applications
  • FCC Auction support

    • Auction support with regard to coverage and market analysis
    • Post auction FCC filings
  • Local Government Tower Application Compliance Review

    • Radio frequency (“RF”) safety and regulatory compliance analysis
    • Meeting/Hearing Attendance
    • Site Visit and Regulatory Compliance Report
    • Evaluation of Proposed RF Coverage for Tower Justification
    • Review Site Plans for Technical Completeness
  • Electrical Grounding and Lightning Mitigation

    • Site Visit and Ground Resistance Testing
    • Lightning Mitigation Recommendations
    • Lightning Detection Systems

KGA Clientele..

From home grown mom & pop LPFM stations to nationwide commercial and non-commercial broadcast television networks, no projects are too small or large for our services.  We have been serving broadcasters for nearly 50 years and have employed generations of inspiring engineers who retain careers for no less than 20 years.

Broadcast Station Totals

  • AM Stations
  • Full Service FM Stations
  • FM Translators and Boosters
  • Low Power FM Stations
  • Full Service TV Stations
  • Class A TV Stations
  • Low Power TV Stations
  • TV Translators

Recent Projects

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KGA Participates in the following nationally recognized industry and standards-setting organizations.  This help us to provide our clients with clear insight into new and emerging technologies