Recent Projects

  • Statewide microwave system equipment upgrades
  • Re-paint and re-light (LED lights) of 3 towers with overall heights over 1,000 ft AGL
  • Intermodulation project
  • EBS license GSA partition area maps, coordinates & population
  • TV translator analog-to-digital flashcut
  • Expert witness in land use case
  • Statewide Longley-Rice interference-free coverage maps
  • Technical review of proposed TV Centralcasting designs
  • FAA 7460-1 and 7460-2 applications and filings for tower modifications
  • Microwave path profile studies
  • Two-way wireless design project
  • -10 dBc IBOC power increase studies and FCC filing
  • HD Radio grant application reviews for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)
  • FCC license application filing for wireless microphones
  • Statewide coverage contour maps
  • Project Manager for microwave upgrade project
  • FCC microwave applications and filings requesting to extend construction/coverage periods
  • Asymmetrical sideband studies for digital FM stations
  • 2010 U.S. Census population, area, and demographic studies
  • Antenna design for an FM translator station using HD-2 as primary station
  • FM maximization applications and filings
  • AM nighttime studies
  • FCC notification and STA filings requesting reduced operation
  • Beam tilt and null-fill studies to maximize coverage
  • Field strength measurements project for Top-10 Market
  • Site relocation for digital & analog TV translators and FM translator
  • RFR studies to verify FCC compliance
  • Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) modification applications and filings
  • Longley-Rice interference studies
  • FCC construction permit and license applications and filings
  • TV Channel 6 studies
  • Statewide microwave frequency coordination and FCC filings
  • Digital LPTV displacement applications and filings
  • DTV maximization applications and filings
  • Statewide Executive Administrator for multi-million dollar project
  • Tribal and environmental coordination for new tower site
  • RFR measurements project at tower site in mountainous area
  • Remote Pick-up modification applications electronically filed with FCC
  • FCC application and filing for new FM STL


KGA participates in the following nationally recognized industry and standards-setting organizations. This helps us to provide our clients with clear insight into new and emerging technologies.

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Providing Expert Engineering Services
to the Broadcasting Industry

Kessler and Gehman Associates (KGA) is a professional telecommunications consulting engineering firm specializing in all phases of communications internationally since 1967. KGA is certified by the Board of Professional Engineers and has offices located in Gainesville, Florida. KGA is licensed to practice professional engineering and has been involved in virtually every phase of broadcast and wireless communications from initial designs to final inspections. KGA also specializes in Executive Administration where our staff has assumed roles as Executive Administrator for multimillion dollar statewide communications projects.

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